Senior Architect Interview Questions

Senior Architect Interview Questions

February 27th, 2020

Senior Architects are licensed professionals with extensive experience in Architecture. They have worked on several design and construction projects, and use their expertise and knowledge to coordinate, manage, and mentor others.

When interviewing Senior Architects, the most suitable candidates will be self-assured and demonstrate great leadership qualities. Be wary of candidates with weak interpersonal and analytical skills, and those who have limited knowledge of CAD and AutoCAD software.

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Interview Questions for Senior Architects:

1. As a Senior Architect, what are your most important skills and attributes?

Reveals architectural skillset and leadership ability.

2. Can you describe how you delegate tasks in your team?

Tests organizational skills, time management abilities, and logical thinking.

3. How do you strike a balance between aesthetics and function? Provide an example.

Highlights experience and architectural knowledge.

4. Describe a time you had a difficult client. How did you handle their demands?

Evaluates interpersonal skills, commitment to customer service, and the ability to remain professional.

5. How do you ensure you stay on top of advancements in Architecture?

Demonstrates commitment to learning and excellence in the field.

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