Architect Interview Questions

Architect Interview Questions

August 23rd, 2019

Architects develop building and structural designs to their client's requirements. They also manage entire projects from concept development through to construction.

When interviewing Architects the most suitable candidate will demonstrate creative thinking skills and keen knowledge of industry trends. Avoid candidates with poor communication and technical drawing skills.

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Interview Questions for Architects:

1. What experience do you have with AutoCAD and similar programs?

This tests the candidate's knowledge of the different software programs used in the industry.

2. Can you tell us about a successful project of yours? What made it a success?

This illustrates the candidate's achievements and project management experience.

3. Can you tell us about an experience when you had to negotiate with a construction manager?

This reveals the candidate's interpersonal and negotiation skills.

4. In your experience, what are the key ingredients for great designs?

This tests the candidate's experience and competence when it comes to architectural design.

5. If a client insists on a feature that may negatively impact the environment, how would you attempt to persuade the client to consider another option?

This reveals the candidate's critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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