Produce Clerk Interview Questions

Produce Clerk Interview Questions

February 25th, 2020

Produce Clerks manage inventory, stock products, arrange produce on displays, ensure the quality of all items on sale and provide customer service.

When interviewing Produce Clerks the best candidate will have good communication skills and a positive attitude. Avoid candidates who seem lethargic.

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Interview Questions for Produce Clerks:

1. How do you identify a ripe fruit without cutting it open?

This tests the candidate's knowledge of fresh produce.

2. A customer insists that one of the items they purchased was spoiled. How do you handle this?

This demonstrates how the candidate handles difficult situations.

3. Do you have experience with physically demanding work?

This reveals the candidate's work experience and suitability for the position.

4. How do you handle customers who want to taste fresh produce before they decide to purchase?

This shows the candidate's customer service skills and experience.

5. Why is it important to follow health and safety regulations when handling food products?

This reveals the candidate's understanding of working with consumables and any previous training.

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