Store Clerk Interview Questions

Store Clerk Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as a Store Assistant, a Store Clerk is responsible for assisting store owners by cleaning, packing goods and welcoming customers. A Store Clerk may also be responsible for creating attractive displays and managing inventory.

When interviewing Store Clerks the ideal candidate will be energetic and polite, with excellent interpersonal skills. Be wary of candidates with low energy levels and poor communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Store Clerks:

1. How would you handle an angry customer?

Tests the candidate’s customer management skills.

2. When is the appropriate moment to approach a customer?

Demonstrates the candidate’s experience working with customers.

3. You might have to perform multiple tasks. How would you prioritize your work?

Tests the candidate’s multitasking skills.

4. What is your method for monitoring inventory levels?

Reveals the candidate’s knowledge of business management techniques.

5. How do you handle complaints and retain clients with concerns?

Reveals how the applicant handles challenges.

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