Principal Interview Questions

Principal Interview Questions

May 24th, 2019

The Principal is responsible for ensuring that students reach their educational goals and that teachers are provided with the necessary resources to perform their jobs. The Principal creates budgets, communicates with parents and disciplines students when necessary.

When interviewing Principals, the ideal candidate should have a passion for education. Be wary of candidates with poor planning and communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Principals:

1. What is a common mistake that you've seen teachers make, and how could they fix it?

This question tests the candidate's ability to assess teaching methods and provide constructive feedback.

2. What is something a school could change, outside the classroom, to improve learning?

Look for candidates who have a broader insight into general school policies and environments, and how they affect learning in the classroom.

3. Can you tell us about a very difficult class or student, and how you handled them?

This question reveals the candidate's teaching experience and demonstrates whether they would be able to effectively advise a teacher in a similarly difficult situation.

4. What are some of the challenges that today's students face, and how should we address them?

Look for candidates who have an up-to-date understanding of what their students are going through, and a reasonable plan to address the issues they face.

5. Are there any long-standing traditions in education which you think should be abolished?

This question reveals the candidate's ability to innovate and think outside the box.

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