Prep Cook Interview Questions

Prep Cook Interview Questions

May 20th, 2019

Prep Cooks are also known as Food Preparation Workers and are responsible for preparing workstations and ingredients in a kitchen to be used in the cooking process. They also monitor stock levels and perform basic cooking tasks.

When interviewing Prep Cooks, look for candidates who demonstrate strong team working abilities as well as the ability to follow instructions. Take note of candidates who lack good communication skills and the ability to work in a stressful environment.

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Interview Questions for Prep Cooks:

1. What process do you follow when preparing a kitchen for the dinner shift?

Demonstrates candidates' experience and knowledge of food preparation.

2. How do you prioritize during a very busy shift when there are many demands on your hands?

Demonstrates candidates' time management skills, as well as ability to handle stress.

3. How would you react if a supplier delivered poor quality ingredients?

Demonstrates candidates' problem-solving skills.

4. What basic ingredients would you expect to prepare on any given shift?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of food preparation.

5. How would you handle a dispute with a coworker?

Demonstrates candidates' team working and interpersonal skills.

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