Nurse Navigator Job Description

Nurse Navigator Job Description

October 21st, 2019

Nurse Navigators provide patients with specialized care by guiding them through the complexities of the healthcare system. Nurse Navigators also outline patients' diagnoses and their treatment options in accessible terminology.

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Nurse Navigator Job Description Template

We are seeking a compassionate Nurse Navigator to provide much-needed assistance to patients moving through the healthcare system. The Nurse Navigator's responsibilities include educating patients about their diseases and treatments, translating medical jargon into readily accessible terms, and helping patients to overcome any barriers to healthcare that they may face. You should also bolster patients' and families' emotional resources.

To be a successful Nurse Navigator, you should have an in-depth knowledge of your medical field. Top candidates will also be excellent communicators who can provide sound emotional support and clear explanations to their patients.

Nurse Navigator Responsibilities:

  • Supporting patients throughout the healthcare process, from detection to treatment and beyond.
  • Educating patients about their diagnoses, treatments, and the side effects of these.
  • Providing resources for patients seeking reliable information.
  • Helping patients to overcome barriers such as financing or transport.
  • Referring patients to Social Workers or Counselors, as needed.
  • Managing timely appointment scheduling for tests and procedures.
  • Answering questions or liaising with doctors to address questions and concerns.
  • Providing emotional support and empowerment to patients and their loved ones.

Nurse Navigator Requirements:

  • Degree in Nursing.
  • Receipt of a Nurse Navigator certificate or similar is preferred.
  • Extensive experience working with patients in critical conditions.
  • Sound knowledge of the healthcare system and where to find reliable information.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Openness towards different cultures, beliefs, and traditions.
  • Sensitivity, discretion, and respect.

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