Mobile Test Engineer Interview Questions

Mobile Test Engineer Interview Questions

November 8th, 2020

Mobile test engineers are responsible for testing the software and operating systems of mobile devices. They work with the development and design team to optimize software on mobile devices. Mobile test engineers also report technical and operational issues to improve UX design.

When interviewing mobile test engineers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent programming fundamentals and knowledge of mobile operating systems, coding languages, and UX design. Be wary of candidates with limited experience with UX design, and those who are not familiar with SKDs.

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Interview Questions for Mobile Test Engineers:

1. Which mobile app testing software do you most enjoy working with?

Assesses the candidate's knowledge of mobile development tools.

2. What methods do you use to test the usability of a mobile device?

Tests the candidate's UX design skills.

3. What are the phases involved in the software testing life cycle?

Tests the candidate's critical thinking skills.

4. How would you juggle working on multiple mobile applications at once?

Examines the candidate's organizational and time management skills.

5. How would you handle a disagreement between members of your mobile application development team?

Highlights the candidate's interpersonal skills.

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