Mental Health Technician Interview Questions

Mental Health Technician Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as Mental Health Techs or Psychiatric Aides, Mental Health Technicians help patients by ensuring they are comfortable and well-cared for during and between treatments.

When interviewing Mental Health Technicians the successful candidate should be patient and have a positive attitude. Be wary of candidates who are easily annoyed or show no compassion for patients.

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Interview Questions for Mental Health Technicians

1. How have patients’ non-verbal cues helped you to make assessments in the past?

The answers to this question will give you insight into the candidate's observational skills.

2. What was your most challenging case in the past, and how did you accomplish a suitable outcome?

The potential hire’s answer will demonstrate their ability to obtain positive outcomes and will give you insight into their approaches.

3. A patient is emotionally distressed after suffering a traumatic experience. How do you respond?

Mental Health Technicians require tremendous patience and understanding with their clients. Candidates should describe how they managed to calm them down in a level-headed, professional manner and assured them of their capacity to treat them.

4. What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a Mental Health Technician?

Along with patience, candidates should cite empathy and emotional intelligence as key skills in a Mental Health Technician.

5. Describe the level of care you have provided and tasks you’ve done for other clients. Do you specialize in any conditions, ages, etc?

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