Med Tech Interview Questions

Med Tech Interview Questions

Last updated October 5th, 2018

Med Techs are responsible for performing tests on tissue samples and specimen. After analyzing test results, Med Techs present their findings to doctors and laboratory physicians. Their tasks include maintaining the work environment, preparing sample tissue, and analyzing results.

Med Tech Interview Questions:

1. What protective gear do you use when disposing of hazardous waste?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of safety protocols.

2. Which laboratory equipment do you use to analyze urine samples?

Highlights the candidate’s knowledge of medical equipment.

3. You have to present your complex findings to a patient. How do you ensure they understand your presentation?

Reveals the candidate’s presentation and communication skills.

4. Which chemicals do you use to clean equipment and why?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of sanitation standards and protocols.

5. Can you give an example of a time you found a discrepancy in previously tested data? What did you do?

Highlights the candidate’s analytical skills and knowledge of procedures.

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