Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions

Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions

July 2nd, 2020

Mechanical Engineers are responsible for all stages of a mechanical device's production cycle, from research and design, to manufacture and evaluation.

When interviewing candidates for the position of Mechanical Engineer, look for individuals who have highly creative, analytical minds. Be wary of candidates with poor written communication, as this could be a critical issue when they are tasked with creating technical documentation.

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Interview Questions for Mechanical Engineers:

1. What is the most challenging engineering project you've recently completed?

Reveals the candidate's experience and problem-solving skills.

2. Which computer programs have you used in your work?

Demonstrates whether or not the candidate has the requisite knowledge to use the same tools that your organization uses.

3. Can you give us an example of a design which you found flaws in after testing?

Shows that the candidate is capable of running thorough tests on their designs and fixing any shortcomings.

4. How do you go about evaluating project scopes, such as timeframes and budgets?

Reveals the candidate's estimation methods and project management ability.

Tests the candidate's ability to stay informed about new developments and innovations.

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