Mechanical Technician Interview Questions

Mechanical Technician Interview Questions

August 20th, 2020

Mechanical technicians assist mechanical engineers with the design and maintenance of mechanical systems and machinery. They develop maintenance schedules, conduct diagnostic tests on mechanical performance, and troubleshoot and repair mechanical malfunctions and breakdowns.

When interviewing mechanical technicians, look for candidates who exhibit exceptional critical thinking skills and the ability to take proactive measures to prevent costly mechanical breakdowns. Avoid candidates with limited communication and organizational skills.

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Interview Questions for Mechanical Technicians:

1. Which factors do you consider when developing a mechanical maintenance schedule?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge and experience in mechanical maintenance, as well as their ability to proactively prevent breakdowns.

2. Can you describe diagnostic tests you routinely perform on mechanical systems?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge of mechanical systems and their ability to ensure optimal performance.

3. In your opinion, which performance optimization techniques are often overlooked?

Tests the candidate's mechanical knowledge and experience, as well as their ability to ensure efficient mechanical performance.

4. Can you tell me about a time when you resolved a major mechanical issue?

Assesses the candidate's knowledge and experience in performing mechanical repairs, as well as their problem-solving skills.

5. Which software works best for mechanical design projects? Why?

Highlights the candidate's experience and proficiency in mechanical design software, and their knowledge of functionalities such as 3D-modelling, calculations, sketches, and drawings.

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