Machinist Interview Questions

Machinist Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

A Machinist uses technical drawings to repair and build precision tools and other mechanical tools in a warehouse or factory. The Machinist ensures that products work correctly and are maintained.

When interviewing Machinists, the ideal candidate will have an excellent knowledge of various material properties and experience with machine tools. Be wary of candidates with little regard for safety protocols.

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Interview Questions for Machinists:

1. What do you look for when inspecting finished workpieces?

Reveals inspection capabilities.

2. Tell about the machines you’ve worked with in the past and what you did with them.

Details experience with machinery.

3. Have you ever done quality checks? What was involved?

Shows the ability to run tests on machines.

4. You and a team member disagree about a safety measure. How would you resolve this?

Displays the ability to work with others and adhere to rules.

5. Are you able to read blueprints and schematics? Provide examples of your experience with them.

Shows ability to work with technical documents.

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