Logistics Coordinator Interview Questions

Logistics Coordinator Interview Questions

May 31st, 2019

Logistics Coordinators are responsible for managing the transport and storage of raw materials and products.

The most suitable candidate will have strong organizational and problem-solving skills. Avoid candidates with poor negotiation skills.

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Interview Questions for Logistics Coordinators:

1. Can you describe the typical day of a Logistics Coordinator?

Illustrates the daily tasks of a Logistics Coordinator and how the candidate organizes his/her work.

2. How do you go about optimizing processes?

Shows the ability to evaluate and improve processes.

3. How do you approach issues such as missing inventory?

Reveals how the candidate manages difficult situations and solves problems.

4. Can you share an experience in which you had to negotiate with a supplier?

Shows the ability to negotiate with key players.

5. What are the greatest challenges you have faced in supply chain management?

Reveals work experience and problem-solving skills.

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