Land Surveyor Interview Questions

Land Surveyor Interview Questions

September 25th, 2019

Land Surveyors prepare property boundaries using special tools. The responsibilities of Land Surveyors include taking measurements of properties, locating buildings and roads for real estate developers, and conducting research on legal boundaries.

When interviewing Land Surveyors, the most suitable candidate should demonstrate creative problem-solving skills, accurate analytical skills, and a keen eye for detail. Be wary of candidates who lack numerical skills, posses poor logical thinking, and struggle to work well within a team.

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Interview Questions for Land Surveyors:

1. Can you share a method you have used to verify the accuracy of survey data?

Demonstrates attention to detail and the ability to execute tasks well.

2. Is it possible for a Land Surveyor to conduct engineering surveys?

Demonstrates knowledge of Land Surveying and engineering.

3. In the past, how have you dealt with a client who disagreed with your survey?

Demonstrates customer service and confidence in knowledge and research.

4. Can you tell me about the types of surveys you are familiar with?

Demonstrates knowledge of surveying.

5. What area of Land Surveying do you find most difficult?

Demonstrates knowledge and the ability to accept a challenge and execute the job successfully.

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