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JustChurchJobs.com is a Christian employment job posting website based in the U.S. It offers free and paid-for job postings which are displayed on its website and several other job posting sites, such as ZipRecruiter and The Gospel Coalition.


  • A simple job-posting process.
  • Free and paid options available.
  • Job posts never expire.
  • Instant notifications when applicants apply for jobs.
  • Added features and tools to help with hirings, such as a step-by-step hiring framework, interview questions, and reference forms.
  • Online chat feature to assist with posting jobs.
  • Job posts are marketed via JustChurchJobs.com's social media accounts, weekly newsletters, as well as to its database of job seekers.
  • Jobs are also posted to major Christian and general job boards.


  • Limited search functionality.
  • No package deals for "Pro Job" postings.


We were unable to find any online reviews of JustChurchJobs.com.

How to Post a Job on JustChurchJobs.com:

$0.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on JustChurchJobs.com:

Six easy steps for posting a job on JustChurchJobs.com.


Posting a Job on JustChurchJobs.com.


Select "Post a job."

Select "Post a job."

Go to JustChurchJobs.com and click on "Post a job."


Enter your details.

Enter your details.

Fill in your church's name and your email address, then select "Get Started."


Create an account.

Create an account.

Fill in your details and create a password for your JustChurchJobs.com account. Select "Sign Up" when you're ready.


Fill in your church details.

Fill in your church details.

Tell JustChurchJobs.com about your church, and then select "Continue" once you have filled in the form.


Choose to post a job.

Choose to post a job.

If you're ready to post a job straightaway, click on "Yes."


Create a job advert.

Create a job advert.

Fill in all of the required fields in the form. Be sure to review your job posting and then select "Post Job."


Upgrade your job post (optional).

Upgrade your job post (optional).

Once you've posted your job, you have the option to upgrade to a "Pro Job Posting". Scroll down and select "Get Started" in the "Pro Job Posting" block.


Pay for your Pro Job Posting.

Pay for your Pro Job Posting.

This is the final step. You will be directed to an online payment portal. Enter your card details here and select "Pay US$150.00" to complete the transaction and have your "Pro Job" advertised.

JustChurchJobs.com vs. NEXT Church Jobs:

NEXT Church Jobs has a modular approach to their pricing strategy. They offer free as well as paid-for packages, but allow you to upgrade specific features of your job post for an additional cost. JustChurchJobs.com is slightly cheaper than NEXT Church Jobs with their basic job post costing $49.00 less.

JustChurchJobs.com vs. Church Jobs Online:

Church Jobs Online offers a wider range of job posting packages for employers looking to bulk hire. However, they are more expensive than JustChurchJobs.com and have an expiry date on all job postings. On the other hand, Church Jobs Online has a larger website, with more resources for faith-based organizations and employers to use.

JustChurchJobs.com vs. Church Jobs Cafe:

Church Jobs Cafe is a job aggregator that also allows you to post vacancies directly on their site. They have a straightforward job posting process that allows you to post your jobs directly to their social media platforms. JustChurchJobs.com will not only post your job advert on their site but post it to other job posting sites as well.

Key Information

Legal Name

JustChurchJobs.com Inc.


John Sanders

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2020

Number of Employees







What is JustChurchJobs.com?

JustChurchJobs.com is an online job board that advertises church-related vacancies. They offer free and paid job posting packages, as well as other tools to help Christian organizations find talent.

What does it cost to post a job on JustChurchJobs.com?

JustChurchJobs.com's pricing ranges from free to $150.00 for individual job posts.

How do I create an account on JustChurchJobs.com?

On the home page, simply click on "Post a job," and then fill in your email, password, and other details. Follow our guide on how to post a job on JustChurchJobs.com to learn more.

How do I delete a job post on JustChurchJobs.com?

Simply go to your dashboard, select "Your Job Postings," and delete the job post you want to remove.

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