IT Technician Interview Questions

It Technician Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

IT Technicians are responsible for overseeing the efficient running of computer systems within a company. They diagnose, repair and maintain hardware components, install and configure software and respond to technical problems from all company departments.

When you're interviewing IT Technicians, candidates should demonstrate good interpersonal skills and attention to detail. Unsuitable candidates will communicate poorly despite being technically sound and lack pride in personal presentation.

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IT Technician Interview Questions:

1. What is the most innovative change you have brought to a company's IT operations?

IT Technicians are often required to solve a technical problem by introducing or recommending new technology to the company. Candidates should describe how they identified a problem and brought in innovative technology that made a significant impact in the company's technical operations.

2. Which processors would you recommend for a company doing data-intensive work?

This question tests the technical expertise of a candidate. He/she should note that data-intensive work requires strong computing power and should recommend an appropriate processor. He/she should be able to describe in detail the benefits and drawbacks of different processing options.

3. IT is an ever-evolving field. How do you keep up with it?

IT Technicians should always be aware of the technological advances in computing power, security and software and should be able to identify new technology that could improve company operations. Candidates should describe how they stay abreast of technological trends, including reading blogs and furthering their technical education.

4. Describe your troubleshooting process. Which factors are most important?

Candidates should detail their step-by-step troubleshooting process, including collecting information from users experiencing the error, establishing a hypothesis, testing it and implementing a corrective solution. The more detail, the more effective the methodology.

5. A user has trouble understanding what it is he's doing wrong. What do you do?

Beyond repairing and replacing, IT Technicians are required to be expert communicators and attentive to user needs. In situations like the one above, candidates should demonstrate patience and try to distill a technical problem into consumable advice.

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