Intake Coordinator Interview Questions

Intake Coordinator Interview Questions

May 28th, 2019

Intake Coordinators perform all the administrative tasks required to admit a patient to a medical facility, including gathering their personal information, medical information, and any health insurance policies they have.

When interviewing potential Intake Coordinators, look for candidates who have excellent organizational skills. Be wary of candidates with poor interpersonal skills, as this is a front office role that requires a lot of interaction with patients.

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Interview Questions for Intake Coordinators:

1. Which computer programs are you comfortable using?

Tests the candidate's computer literacy.

2. How would you go about verifying a patient's insurance information?

Tests the candidate's experience and attention to detail.

3. How do you keep patient information confidential?

Tests the candidate's discretion, and ability to follow best practices for confidentiality.

4. The phone is ringing and a patient has just entered the facility. How do you proceed?

Tests the candidate's ability to prioritize tasks, and their customer service instincts.

5. What procedure do you follow when scheduling a patient's appointment?

Tests the candidate's ability to manage and update schedules effectively.

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