Help Desk Manager Interview Questions

Help Desk Manager Interview Questions

July 1st, 2020

Help Desk Managers train and oversee technical customer support teams and ensure they deliver high levels of customer service.

When interviewing Help Desk Managers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent troubleshooting and interpersonal skills. Be wary of candidates with poor leadership abilities or those who lack technical knowledge.

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Interview Questions for Help Desk Managers:

1. How would you deal with an underperforming technical support agent?

Reveals leadership, people management, and decision-making skills.

2. Can you describe the most difficult technical issue you have had to resolve remotely?

Shows the candidate's work experience and troubleshooting skills.

3. How would you ensure that your technical support team consistently delivers quality customer service?

Illustrates the candidate's ability to train and manage a customer service team.

4. Can you describe the process for ticket escalations you would implement?

Reveals the candidate's management skills and ability to develop an efficient escalation process.

5. How would you deal with a customer complaint about one of your technical support agents?

Shows the candidate's people management and leadership skills.

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