Healthcare Data Analyst Interview Questions

Healthcare Data Analyst Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Healthcare Data Analysts are quantitative specialists with expertise in both business and healthcare administration. Their duties include compiling and organizing large and varied data sets, analyzing data to find operational insights and communicating findings with management.

When you're interviewing Healthcare Data Analysts, candidates should speak comfortably on both business and healthcare administration and demonstrate good attention to detail. Bad candidates will be proficient in only one area and struggle to communicate effectively.

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Healthcare Data Analyst Interview Questions:

1. What does the term "data exploration" mean to you?

Candidates should describe, in detail, their method of data exploration. Answers should include identifying a business problem, selecting the appropriate data sets to analyze, then analyzing the data with the aim of finding trends and patterns.

2. What is root cause analysis?

This question tests the statistical expertise of a candidate. Candidates should note that root cause analysis is a statistical technique used to solve a data problem by isolating the root cause of the problem.

3. Your data analysis has yielded business insights that you need to present to management. How do you go about presenting it?

The best way of communicating data is through the medium of data visualization. Candidates should describe utilizing data visualization tools to supplement their detailed research reports in their communication of data.

4. Describe an experience where you erred in your analysis of company data. How did you rectify your error?

Candidates should acknowledge the significance of diligence in their work and the potential consequences of oversight. They should describe how they made an error, remedied it and learned a valuable lesson.

5. Describe an experience where you used your data interrogation skills to solve a business goal?

Candidates should describe how, through the analysis of data, they found ways to cut costs or increase profits and made a significant impact on their company.

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