Graduate Teaching Assistant Interview Questions

Graduate Teaching Assistant Interview Questions

September 18th, 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistants perform administrative and selected teaching functions that support the work of senior faculty. These individuals are often referred to as TAs by their coworkers.

When interviewing Graduate Teaching Assistants, strong candidates should have first-hand experience with the college's practices and pedagogy. Be wary of those with little expertise in pertinent course content.

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Interview Questions for Graduate Teaching Assistants:

1. Which administrative tools are valuable for conducting TA duties?

Highlights an awareness of apt and accessible administrative software.

2. How would you select prescribed readings?

Reveals knowledge about the curriculum, familiarity with college resources, and an appreciation of varied resources.

3. When would you consult with someone who was at risk of failing a course?

Examines forethought, a sense of urgency, and intervention skills.

4. How would you attend to both TA and research responsibilities?

Assesses the capacity to commit to multiple involved endeavors.

5. What role would this TA position have in molding your career trajectory?

Reveals ambitions, the ability to select opportunities that align with these, and potential investment in TA functions.

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