GIS Technician Job Description

Gis Technican Job Description

August 29th, 2019

GIS Technicians create customized maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications for companies and government agencies. They compile and integrate new cartographic data, draw maps using design software, and manage the data that is entered into the GIS database.

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GIS Technician Job Description Template

We are looking to hire an experienced GIS Technician to assist our Senior GIS Analyst with the compilation and analyses of GIS data. Your duties will include reading and interpreting maps and other GIS data, entering the data into the GIS database, drawing maps using automated software, and compiling reports for commissions and zone planners.

To ensure success as a GIS Technician, you should have advanced computer mapping skills, excellent problem-solving skills, and a passion for scientific research. A top-class GIS Technician can take raw geographic data and transform it into usable maps and documents for business purposes.

GIS Technician Responsibilities:

  • Compiling geographic information in the form of satellite images, geographical surveys, and aerial photographs.
  • Researching and verifying geographic data.
  • Entering new data into the GIS database.
  • Drawing maps using advanced computer software.
  • Ensuring maps are annotated and compiled with the correct information.
  • Compiling reports using all available GIS and GPS data sources.
  • Maintaining the GIS database and troubleshooting data issues.
  • Traveling to geographic sites to conduct land surveys.

GIS Technician Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Computer Science or similar field.
  • Proven work experience as a GIS Technician.
  • Understanding of Integrated GPS and GIS principals.
  • Advanced computer programming and data analysis skills.
  • Knowledge of modern cartographic standards and principles.
  • Advanced statistical, mathematical, and methodology skills.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to travel when required.
  • Proficiency in design software including AutoCAD and ArcView.

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