Game Animator Interview Questions

Game Animator Interview Questions

November 2nd, 2020

Game animators are talented professionals who combine their knowledge of art direction and technology to produce video game animations and effects. The core duties of game animators include researching trends, preparing art briefs and presentations, and designing inventive animations for various video game genres.

When interviewing potential candidates, look for those who demonstrate a strong understanding of video game production and art-creation. Be wary of candidates who lack good communication and interpersonal skills as the role will require a lot of teamwork.

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Game Animator Interview Questions:

1. What method do you use to diagnose a technical problem with an animation?

Tests candidates' experience working with video game technology.

2. What type of questions would you ask a client who is developing a sports-related video game?

Highlights candidates' ability to draw out information and create design briefs.

3. How do you ensure that you keep up with the latest game animation trends?

Tests candidates' research capabilities and knowledge of the latest trends.

4. Do you have experience working with Photoshop and/or Maya?

Highlights candidates' experience working with design software.

5. Do you have experience modeling, rigging, and skinning models for video games?

Showcases candidates' level of expertise.

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