Florist Interview Questions

Florist Interview Questions

October 3rd, 2019

Florists design, assemble, and sell recently-cut flowers and indoor plants. Florists are also frequently asked to issue their expert guidance on plant-related concerns.

When interviewing Florists, noteworthy candidates will be able to arrange contrasting resources in a palatable way. Avoid candidates who demonstrate improper flower handling techniques.

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Interview Questions for Florists:

1. How would you deliver heat-sensitive flowers?

Evaluates flower handling abilities.

2. When would you configure an involved flower arrangement that comprised many flower species?

Tests consideration for the flowers' lifespans, plus requisite setup time.

3. Which adhesives are least damaging to flowers?

Reviews familiarity with available flower applicants.

4. Which floral arrangements would fit a grunge theme?

Spotlights the capacity to complement unconventional designs.

5. What species would you propose as a token for someone in mourning?

Discerns thoughtfulness about features such as plant lifespans, vibrancy, and prevailing customs.

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