Finance Manager Interview Questions

Assistant Finance Manager Job Description

August 17th, 2020

Finance Managers are business specialists who are responsible for the successful management of an organization’s finances. They create financial reports, forecast, plan, and manage budgets and spending to ensure that an organization is profitable.

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Interview Questions for Finance Manager

1. What impact has your attention to detail made to an organization’s profitability?

This question tests the candidate’s attention to detail.

2. What procedure would you follow in a financial feasibility analysis?

This question illustrates the candidate’s organizational ability.

3. How do you achieve a proper mix of equity and debt to minimize costs?

This question will indicate the candidate's business acumen.

4. What criteria do you use when making recommendations on a risky investment?

This question indicates candidate’s ability to calculate risks effectively.

5. How would you rectify the situation if you made an error in a financial forecast?

This indicates the candidate’s ability to recognize errors and remedy the situation.

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