Director of Finance Interview Questions

Director Of Finance Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

The purpose of a Director of Finance is to supervise all financial processes and direct company financial planning and strategy. Their duties include preparing performance reports, overseeing all audit processes, and conducting financial analysis. Also referred to as a Financial Director.

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Director of Finance Interview Questions:

1. If there’s a conflict between two accountants you manage, how would you resolve it?

Demonstrates the candidate’s leadership abilities.

2. If our business bought new equipment, how would the financial statements change?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of financial statements and planning.

3. What metrics do you use to analyze the company’s progress?

Highlights the candidate’s analytical abilities.

4. Can you describe a time you had to prepare a financial report with a strict deadline? How did you manage it?

Reveals the candidate’s organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.

5. What does ROI mean?

Tests the candidate’s previous educational history.

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