Field Engineer Interview Questions

Field Engineer Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as Field Service Engineers, Field Engineers are tasked with managing site operations, testing equipment, overseeing repairs, coordinating projects, running inspections, mitigating risk, liaising with clients, and preparing reports.

The ideal candidate for this role should possess good interpersonal skills, be technically savvy, and be a good communicator. Be wary of candidates with poor organizational skills, poor interpersonal skills, and lacking problem-solving skills.

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Field Engineer Interview Questions

1. How do you deal with a demanding client?

Look for candidates with good conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.

2. How do you communicate and simplify technical data to a non-technical persons?

Look for candidates with good communication skills. Candidates should also demonstrate good interpersonal skills.

Look for candidates that subscribe to industry related publications and demonstrate good researching skills.

4. Which projects have you worked on where your ideas have improved results?

Look for candidates that demonstrate strong analytical abilities. Candidates should also demonstrate work experience.

5. Which engineering tools or software are you familiar with?

Look for candidates that use the same or similar software as your organization.

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