Facilities Coordinator Interview Questions

Facilities Coordinator Interview Questions

December 30th, 2020

Facilities Coordinators plan and execute building maintenance schedules. They ensure that building spaces are safe and sufficiently equipped, monitor supplies, and liaise with vendors. Their duties also include reacting to urgent maintenance emergencies and managing building security.

When interviewing Facilities Coordinators, look for candidates who possess experience in facility coordination and the ability to proactively perform building maintenance tasks. Avoid candidates who lack organizational skills and those with limited communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Facilities Coordinators:

1. How would you go about determining building equipment needs?

Highlights the candidate's knowledge and experience in ensuring sufficient equipment supplies.

2. Can you explain how you ensure awareness of emergency evacuation procedures?

Evaluates the candidate's knowledge of building safety protocols, as well as their communication skills.

3. Which software do you routinely use and why would you recommend it?

Reveals the candidate's experience and their proficiency in Facility Management (FM) software.

4. Can you share a few of your tips to develop an effective maintenance plan?

Tests the candidate's knowledge and organizational skills.

5. In your experience, which important maintenance checks are often neglected?

Assesses the candidate's experience and their ability to identify relevant factors.

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