Director of Operations interview Questions

Head of Operations interview questions

April 6th, 2020

A Director of Operations is an organization's operations manager. Directors of Operations streamline operations to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Top candidates are driven, ethical and organized. Avoid lethargic, unfocused candidates.

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Director of Operations Interview Questions

1. Could you give me examples from past experience where you dealt effectively with underperforming employees?

The candidate's answer will display their ability to increase staff performance in a prudent manner, and their leadership style.

2. How do you balance preventing stock losses and theft with building healthy management-staff relationships?

Listen for the potential hire to demonstrate the ability to address losses without alienating your staff.

3. Could you give me a detailed breakdown of your selection criteria for vendors?

The candidate's answer will show whether their values are similar to your company's.

4. If you felt the need to change our company’s culture, how would you go about it?

Listen carefully. The candidate's plan must be executed in a cautious and thoughtful manner.

5. Could you give me examples from your previous position where you introduced new technologies?

Listen for the potential hire to display the ability to introduce new technologies in a seamless manner.

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