Digital Designer Interview Questions

Digital Designer Interview Questions

July 13th, 2020

Digital Designers are creative professionals who produce banners, graphics, email templates, ebooks, and more. With the help of computer tools and software, Digital Designers work alongside marketing teams to design on-brand campaigns, manage the implementation process of new content, and create a smooth user experience.

Look for candidates who demonstrate exceptional communication and organizational skills, paired with extensive knowledge of digital design programs. Avoid candidates who lack creativity and strong attention to detail.

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Digital Designer Interview Questions:

1. How would you approach designing a banner for a sale advertisement?

Tests candidates' creativity and experience creating content for advertisements.

2. Which design software do you use, and why?

Showcases candidates' knowledge of computer tools and popular design software.

3. What was your biggest digital design challenge? What did you learn?

Highlights candidates' ability to work under pressure and the type of responsibilities they can manage.

4. What does "color theory" mean in digital design?

Demonstrates candidates' design knowledge and educational background.

5. In terms of design, what do you think makes a good digital campaign?

Highlights candidates' creativity and their ability to present and communicate design concepts.

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