UI/UX Architect Interview Questions

UI/UX Arrchitect Interview Questions

October 24th, 2019

UI/UX Architects evaluate and interpret consumer behavior through websites to create a unique digital experience.

When interviewing UI/UX Architects, the ideal candidate should be an expert in computer programming. Avoid candidates who lack innovation and demonstrate poor analytical abilities.

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Interview Questions for UI/UX Architects:

1. What KPIs would you use to evaluate your designs?

Indicates methods of evaluation and actions taken after evaluations.

2. How would you ensure that websites are accessible to all groups including users with disabilities?

Reveals knowledge of accessibility analysis and a unique design approach.

3. How would you respond to a client who does not like your design?

Exhibits a positive reaction to criticism and adheres to the client's requirements.

4. What is the biggest trend in the industry right now?

Reveals industry knowledge and professional development activities.

5. What is the difference between UI and UX?

Displays industry knowledge and an understanding of the position.

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