Demolition Laborer Job Description

Demolition Laborer Job Description

August 13th, 2019

Demolition Laborers are employed by demolition or construction companies to safely demolish old or unsafe building structures. They assess building structures to determine the most efficient methods of demolition, establish exclusion zones, and remove hazardous materials before beginning demolitions.

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Demolition Laborer Job Description Template

We are looking to hire a skilled Demolition Laborer to safely tear down old or unsound building structures. The Demolition Laborer’s responsibilities include loading and unloading debris and waste onto and off trucks, refilling excavated holes and ditches, as well as building and dismantling scaffolding and temporary structures. You should also establish exclusion zones around job sites to ensure the safety of bystanders and passers-by.

To be successful as a Demolition Laborer, you should be able to safely operate hand and power tools as well as heavy machinery. Ultimately, a top-notch Demolition Laborer should be able to effectively communicate with the demolition team and perform all duties in accordance with demolition safety regulations.

Demolition Laborer Responsibilities:

  • Using hand or power tools, heavy machinery, and explosives to down old or unsound building structures.
  • Directing cars away from demolition job sites.
  • Signaling heavy equipment operators to ensure that heavy machinery and equipment are correctly positioned.
  • Performing maintenance on all tools, machinery, and equipment to ensure that they are in good working order.
  • Assessing building structures to identify their structural components and determine the most efficient methods to perform demolitions.
  • Examining job site surroundings to determine whether the use of explosives may be too dangerous.
  • Stripping building structures of any valuable or reusable materials, such as pipes, radiators, and steel beams.
  • Removing debris, rubble, and hazardous materials from job sites.

Demolition Laborer Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Proven demolition or construction experience.
  • A state-issued blaster's license is preferred.
  • The ability to safely use hand and power tools, heavy machinery, and explosives.
  • The ability to work as part of a team.
  • The ability to stand for extended periods.
  • Good physical stamina.
  • Strong mechanical skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Detail-oriented.

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