Database Administrator Interview Questions

Database Administrator Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Database Administrators perform the dual functions of administrator and database manager, requiring both organizational and technical skills. Their primary duties are ensuring the functionality and protection of company databases, responding to database issues from users and backing up the system.

Suitable candidates are highly organized, technically skilled and are strong verbal and written communicators. Unfitting candidates have poor communication skills and have trouble working under pressure.

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Interview Questions for Database Administrators

1. What is the role of database users in database design?

Databases should be designed with all users in mind, as its usage differs by department. The candidate should show equal respect to all users and not favor the perspective of one branch of the company, as holistic design is key to a functioning database.

2. Provide an example of a highly stressful incident involving database error. How did you overcome it?

Working under pressure is an essential component of Database Administration. When a database malfunctions, the entire company is at risk. Stories of triumph in highly stressful scenarios speak to the competency of the candidate. Look out for procedures they consider to be of the highest priority in dealing with a crisis.

3. What actions would you take to ensure database security?

This open-ended question provides the candidate an opportunity to list a myriad of preventative measures in their security arsenal that shed light on the depth of their knowledge pool.

4. Which programming languages are most useful to database administration and why?

Candidates should offer a critical appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of a few database languages as it applies to their role

5. What is the function of the model database?

This question tests the technical expertise of the candidate. He/she should be able to describe in detail the functions and limitations of the model database.

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