Data Engineer Interview Questions

Data Engineer Interview Questions

August 15th, 2020

Data Engineers develop infrastructure that supports the utilization and analysis of large data sets by other professionals. Though remote opportunities exist, Data Engineers often work on-site, which allows for easier collaboration with coworkers.

When interviewing Data Engineers, the most suitable candidate will display innovation, exceptional interpersonal skills, and an in-depth understanding of machine learning principles. Be wary of candidates who exhibit poor analytical skills and are not amenable to change.

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Interview Questions for Data Engineers:

1. What has been your most challenging task to date?

Reveals technical abilities and prior experience.

2. Which programming languages would you like to become more proficient in?

Shows areas for improvement and a desire to expand one's skills set.

3. If you could redo any of your former projects, what would you do differently?

Demonstrates insight, problem-solving skills, and a desire to produce excellent work.

4. How would you share criticism with a coworker?

Highlights interpersonal skills and the capacity to remain impartial.

5. Which of the Data Engineer's duties would benefit most from teamwork?

Tests expertise and an appreciation of collaboration.

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