Customer Service Supervisor Interview Questions

Customer Service Supervisor

May 16th, 2019

A Customer Service Supervisor leads a company’s service staff and resolves product and service complaints. Preferred candidates are consistent, people-oriented and have strong leadership skills. Avoid harsh, disorganized applicants.

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Customer Service Supervisor Interview Questions

1. How would you inspire our service team to operate as a cohesive unit?

A Customer Service Supervisor strives to build a strong customer service team in a company. The applicant needs to display the ability to accomplish this in their answer.

2. How did you manage to ensure friendliness and professionalism of your team in your previous position?

The answer to this question will demonstrate the potential hire’s ability to lead a team to comply with company values and standards.

3. What is the most challenging customer product or service problem you have resolved in past experience?

The applicant’s answer will give you an indication of their problem-solving skills.

4. Are you a people person, and why would you say so?

Listen carefully. The candidate needs to convince you they have strong people skills. A Customer Service Associate with poor people skills will erode your customer base and weaken your service team.

5. How do you maintain knowledge of new developments?

To train a service team proficiently, a Customer Service Supervisor needs to maintain current knowledge of company and product developments. The prospective hire needs to show you they have this ability in this answer.

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