Customer Service Specialist Interview Questions

Customer Service Specialist Interview Questions

July 14th, 2020

Customer Service Specialists are professionals who assist clients with a variety of product or service-related issues. They efficiently diagnose and solve problems, maintain positive relationships between brands and clients, and provide after-sales support.

When interviewing Customer Service Specialists, look for candidates who love challenges and demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Avoid candidates who cannot embrace technology, struggle to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, and those who lack resilience.

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Interview Questions for Customer Service Specialists:

1. Can you tell me about your experience in customer service?

Assesses the level of expertise and reveals potential strengths and weaknesses.

2. A customer is angry about a defective product. How do you diffuse the situation?

Tests the ability to respond appropriately under pressure, and also reveals the techniques used to deal with angry customers.

3. Think of a time you received bad customer support. What could they have changed?

Demonstrates an understanding of what constitutes good customer service. Also tests the ability to find solutions to problems.

4. A customer gives you a poor customer service rating. How do you respond?

Illustrates the willingness to embrace learning opportunities and the ability to respond appropriately to negative feedback.

5. What makes you a good brand ambassador for [insert the name of the company]?

Reveals knowledge of products/services and the company. May also reveal the overall preparedness for the role.

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