Credit Specialist Interview Questions

Credit Specialist Interview Questions

September 12th, 2019

Credit Specialists review applications for financial support, which they subsequently grant or deny based on clients' financial records. Credit Specialists work in many firms, including banks and retail franchises.

When interviewing Credit Specialists, outstanding candidates will be able to deduce risk based on clients' income, expenditure, and debt. Be dubious of candidates who cannot negotiate preferential interest rates on credit extended to clients.

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Interview Questions for Credit Specialists:

1. Can you describe the process of choosing whether to grant credit?

Illustrates an awareness of pertinent channels of inquiry.

2. When would it be worth granting an application for credit despite it being risky to do so?

Demonstrates knowledge about fairly innocuous risks versus salient ones that necessitate the denial of credit applications.

3. How would you decide on a suitable interest rate?

Examines the ability to select appropriate cost-benefit ratios that promote business interests without losing prospective clients.

4. How would you inform a desperate client that their request had been denied?

Assesses the capacity to remain resolute without sacrificing interpersonal skills.

5. What would you do if a client regularly defaulted on payments?

Tests an understanding of suitable referral and corrective procedures.

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