Courtesy Clerk Interview Questions

Courtesy Clerk Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

A Courtesy Clerk adds value to a shopper's experience by bagging and transporting purchases, and by keeping the store and surrounding areas clean and tidy. Ideal candidates will be fast-paced, friendly and helpful. Avoid sullen, unkempt candidates.

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Courtesy Clerk Interview Questions

1. What would your course of action be if you accidentally knock someone’s vehicle with a shopping cart?

The candidate’s answer will illustrate problem-solving skills. The candidate's ability to take the correct course of action when faced with certain dilemmas will ensure you hire a candidate who will protect your brand’s image.

2. Could you give me three examples of how you demonstrate helpfulness?

The answer to this question will show the potential hire's understanding of what helpfulness entails, as well as the potential hire's level of helpfulness.

3. Are you comfortable and experienced with sweeping, mopping and general cleaning?

Observe the candidate for visual cues that express the candidate's attitude towards these tasks.

4. Please explain how you would bag the following items: warm pies, canned food, crisps, soap, yogurt and butter.

Listen carefully. Your potential hire needs to ideally express the understanding that toiletries get bagged separately from foodstuffs, warm items separate from cold items, and fragile items on top of heavy items.

5. How do you separate your private problems from work?

The answer to this question is very important. You don't want to employ a candidate whose personal problems interfere with productivity and customer service.

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