Counter Sales Interview Questions

Counter Sales Interview Questions

August 7th, 2019

Counter Sales personnel represent the face of the company when customers enter the premises. They greet customers and take their orders, receive payment and execute orders efficiently, ensuring a smooth sales process.

When interviewing Counter Sales personnel, the most suitable candidate will display a pleasant disposition, good interpersonal skills and a passion for engaging with customers. Be wary of candidates with low energy and poor communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Counter Sales personnel:

1. Why do you consider yourself to be the best candidate for the job?

Demonstrates industry knowledge, communication skills, and experience.

2. Describe a time when you received a complaint. How did you resolve the problem?

Tests interpersonal and customer service skills.

3. Which of our current products is your favorite? Can you convince me to buy it?

Tests sales skills.

4. Can you explain the steps you would take to ensure customer satisfaction?

Demonstrates industry knowledge.

5. Can you explain why customer service is key to this business?

Demonstrates the importance of good communication skills.

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