Content Marketing Manager Interview Questions

Content Marketing Manager Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Content Marketing Managers drive web traffic and increase brand awareness through the dissemination of online content. They are data-driven marketers who know how to build audiences online, orchestrate digital marketing campaigns and manage a team of analysts and creatives.

When you're interviewing Content Marketing Managers, candidates should demonstrate an understanding of key marketing principles and have excellent interpersonal skills. Bad candidates will show weak leadership traits and struggle to communicate effectively.

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Content Marketing Manager Interview Questions:

1. How do you determine the style or tone of a piece of content?

Candidates should describe their thought process when disseminating content. They should note that each platform will dictate the tone of the content as different platforms provide different stylistic features and cater to different audiences

2. Describe the role of data in your job. How important is it?

Data should be fundamental to the work of a Content Marketing Manager. Candidates should acknowledge that data guides all content marketing strategies and should list ways in which they've used data in their strategy formation.

3. Which metrics do you look at when measuring the success or failure of a content marketing campaign?

Candidates should list significant metrics such as page views, unique visitors and conversions. They should also describe how they use those metrics when making marketing decisions.

4. What has been your greatest success as a Content Marketing Manager?

This question gives candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their marketing prowess. Look out for stories involving the use of data to change a marketing strategy or lead to better engagement.

5. How do you stay on top of changes in the content marketing industry?

Content Marketing is a rapidly evolving industry that requires constant self education in order to keep up to date. Candidates should list reading marketing blogs, being aware of changes to social media algorithms and reading widely on the topic of marketing as their means of staying abreast of change.

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