Content Manager Interview Questions

Content Manager Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Content Managers lead a team of writers, graphic designers and videographers in the development of online content. The duties of a Content Manager include the development of content strategies, growing an online community and tracking that community's growth, among other tasks.

When interviewing Content Managers, the most suitable candidates will display strong leadership qualities, creative ability and be comfortably tech-savvy. Be wary of candidates who have trouble communicating their ideas and are dismissive of the role of data and analytics in their job.

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Interview Questions for Content Managers

1. What is the foremost advantage good content brings to a company?

Candidates should go beyond listing the obvious; that is, that good content boosts a company's presence online. Good candidates will expound on the potential to build meaningful relationships with consumers by cutting through the noise and appealing to them in unique and creative ways.

2. Define 'good content' and 'bad content'. What makes content good or bad?

This shows a candidates ability to think deeply about the variables to consider when formulating a content strategy. Elements such as originality, engagement and value creation should be at the cornerstone of their thinking.

3. What is your favorite word and why?

This question is designed to test the creative ability of a candidate. Creative candidates are able to produce an answer that demonstrates both their wit and their prowess with the English language.

4. How would you know if your content was successful or not?

This is an opportunity for candidates to speak about the significance of analytics in their job.

5. Which companies have caught your eye with regards to content creation? What do you like about them?

Content Managers should be aware of the kinds of content that appeal to consumers. This question further elucidates a candidate's awareness of what makes 'good content', as well as displaying a familiarity with competing content strategies.

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