Construction Estimator Interview Questions

Construction Estimator Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2019

Construction Estimators review the requirements of building projects to predict the price of these undertakings. Included in this calculation are the estimated costs of building materials and labor.

When interviewing Construction Estimators, preferred candidates should have a solid understanding of the building process, plus exceptional planning skills. Avoid candidates who are unable to account for predictable and unplanned risks when creating cost estimations.

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Interview Questions for Construction Estimators:

1. What was the largest estimation that you performed?

Highlights industry experience and the ability to take the lead on involved projects.

2. If given a tight, non-negotiable turnaround time, how would you create a construction proposal?

Tests the ability to organize work under stressful conditions.

3. Which elements of construction proposals are often overlooked?

Demonstrates industry knowledge and attentiveness.

4. How would you characterize the connections you have forged with suppliers?

Reveals interpersonal and networking skills.

5. What role should clients play in the estimation process?

Shows an appreciation for clients' requests, input, and feedback.

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