Computer Technician Interview Questions

Computer Technician Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as PC Technicians or Desktop Support Technicians, Computer Technicians are tasked with maintaining computer systems, repairing system errors, monitoring connectivity, testing and debugging, handling upgrades, repairing computer hardware, and managing workstations.

When interviewing for a Computer Technician look for candidates that demonstrate good technical expertise, strong problem-solving skills, meticulous attention to detail, and good communication skills. Be wary of candidates with limited technical knowledge, limited knowledge of IT best practices, and poor interpersonal skills.

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Computer Technician Interview Questions

1. Computer technology often requires troubleshooting, how do you ensure timely problem resolution?

Look for candidates that demonstrate a practical and methodical approach to troubleshooting. Candidates should also demonstrate good problem-solving skills.

2. IT support is a big part of this role, how do you relay technical information to non-technical users?

Look for candidates that demonstrate an ability to simplify technical information. Candidates should also demonstrate good communication skills, good customer service, and patience.

3. Which operating systems are you most comfortable with?

Look for candidates that work on a variety of operating systems. Candidates should also be comfortable with both Windows and Mac systems.

4. How do you keep your technical knowledge up to date?

Look for candidates that research new technologies and constantly try out new gadgets. Also, look for candidates that update their qualifications and training.

5. How do you handle an error that you can't resolve?

Look for candidates that are relentless in their pursuit of timely solutions. Candidates should also offer cost-effective suggestions and alternatives.

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