Computer Engineer Interview Questions

Computer Engineer Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

A Computer Engineer is in charge of the design and analysis of the software and hardware that makes computers work. Also known as Software Engineers, these experts ensure a company’s computer systems are running smoothly by performing hardware testing, designing equipment, and installing software.

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Computer Engineer Interview Questions:

1. What important information do you analyze when reviewing code?

Tests the candidate’s analytical abilities.

2. What are some internet security issues facing our industry today? How would you ensure it doesn’t affect our company?

Highlights the candidate’s knowledge of computer security techniques.

3. Can you explain the three data structures?

Reveals the candidate’s previous educational background.

4. Can you describe your method for explaining technical terms to someone without expert computer knowledge?

Demonstrates the candidate’s communication skills.

5. What does SRS mean?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of software engineering.

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