Computer Programmer Interview Questions

Computer Programmer Interview Questions

July 15th, 2020

Also known as Software Engineers or Systems Programmers, Computer Programmers are tasked with constructing software programs, amending source-code, ensuring system efficiency, planning and modeling software, coding and debugging, and maintaining operating systems.

When interviewing for a Computer Programmer look for candidates that demonstrate meticulous attention to detail, exceptional communication skills, and advanced knowledge of various operating systems. Be wary of candidates with limited technical knowledge, poor interpersonal skills, and an inability to think and articulate clearly.

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Computer Programmer Interview Questions

1. How do you keep your programming and technical knowledge up to date?

Look for candidates that research new technologies and demonstrate a willingness to learn constantly.

2. What programming language do you prefer?

Look for candidates that use similar languages as your organization. Also, be open to candidates that can introduce new programming languages and technology to your organization.

3. What do you prioritize when evaluating server software and hardware infrastructure?

Look for candidates that have a firm grasp on the flow and communication of computer structures.

4. Which software development process do you follow?

Look for candidates that work with common and familiar development processes. Candidates should also demonstrate their ability to follow processes that can be executed efficiently and cost-effectively.

5. Can you create a small piece of coding for us?

Candidates must be able to demonstrate their actual coding abilities and skills, and not just talk about coding without samples.

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