Computer Operator Interview Questions

Computer Operator Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2019

Computer Operators are IT specialists that control and maintain computer and electronic data processing equipment for a company. They ensure company computer systems run efficiently by monitoring equipment, troubleshooting errors, and responding to user requests.

When interviewing Computer Operators, the ideal candidate will have in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software systems, a knack for problem-solving, and the ability to perform well under pressure. Be wary of candidates who cannot multitask and anyone not able to think quickly in a high-pressure situation.

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Interview Questions for Computer Operators:

1. Why do you think a Computer Operator is an important part of the IT team?

Shows understanding of the position and the role the candidate will play.

2. What methods do you use to troubleshoot hardware issues?

Demonstrates the candidate’s methodology and understanding of IT best practices.

3. How do you manage user requests when time is limited?

Demonstrates the candidate’s time-management and troubleshooting skills.

4. What software systems are you most familiar with?

Indicates areas of expertise and possible gaps in knowledge.

5. What was the most difficult system or hardware issue you managed to fix?

Highlights the skills of the candidate in a real-world situation.

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