Computer Analyst Interview Questions

Computer Analyst Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as Systems Designers or Computer Systems Managers, Computer Analysts assess and perform computer system upgrades, modify and configure hardware and software, assess and implement new technical requirements, write and publish technical reports, train end-users, and increase business efficiency by improving performance.

When interviewing and recruiting for a Computer Analyst, the ideal candidate must demonstrate extensive technical knowledge, great interpersonal and communication skills, an aptitude for presenting complex technical data, and be solutions oriented. Be wary of candidates with low software and hardware knowledge, poor attention to detail, and limited understanding of business IT practices.

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Interview Questions for Computer Analyst

1. What are the most important factors when analyzing and implementing optimization solutions?

Look for candidates that demonstrate deep insights and an understanding that the position is more than just profits. Also, candidates should stress the importance of an integrated system.

2. What are your technical strong points?

Look for candidates whose technical abilities will have an immediate impact on your organization's efficiency.

3. How would you convince management to make changes and recommendations that they are struggling to understand?

Look for candidates that exhibit strong communication skills and essential knowledge of business technology.

4. How do you handle constant changes in systems and end-user requirements?

Look for candidates that demonstrate multi-tasking abilities, a flexible approach to their duties, and embrace constantly changing business environments.

5. What is your technique when relaying technical instructions to non-technical users?

Look for candidates that emphasize the importance of training users and have a skill for simplifying technical data.

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