Company Nurse Interview Questions

Company Nurse Interview Questions

July 25th, 2019

A Company Nurse, also known as an Occupational Health and Safety Officer, is employed by a company to promote good health by implementing programs, attending to emergencies and injuries in the workplace, and assessing employee health risks.

When interviewing Company Nurses, the most suitable candidate should be passionate about health and safety, and demonstrate a hands-on approach to the treatment of employees. Be wary of candidates who display poor interpersonal skills and lack confidence in emergencies.

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Interview Questions for Company Nurses:

1. What do you consider to be your primary role as a Company Nurse?

Demonstrates industry knowledge and experience.

2. Can you describe how you plan to promote wellness with the employees?

Highlights the candidate's approach to wellness.

3. What strategies will you implement to ensure maximum input of employees?

Tests the proactiveness of the candidate.

4. Can you describe the steps you would take in a medical emergency in the workplace?

Tests the candidate's industry knowledge, problem-solving skills, and ability to work under pressure.

5. Why do you think that you are best suited to the position of Company Nurse?

Demonstrates the candidate's passion for the job, and experience.

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