Commercial Lawyer

Commercial Lawyer Interview Questions

August 27th, 2020

Commercial lawyers are responsible for managing their clients' legal affairs. They oversee corporate mergers, amend contracts, negotiate on their behalf, and more.

When interviewing commercial lawyers, suitable candidates for the position will demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, diligence, and a comprehensive knowledge of commercial law. Unsuitable candidates will lack confidence and struggle to communicate effectively.

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Interview Questions for Commercial Lawyers:

1. How do you manage your caseload?

This question gives candidates an opportunity to exhibit their project management skills. Look for candidates that know how to prioritize, delegate, and organize.

2. Describe an event where you had to manage a crisis. How did you overcome it?

This provides the candidate with an opportunity to display both an example of the kinds of challenges they have had to overcome and the strategies they used to overcome them. Look for creative solutions to problems.

3. What information do you analyze when overseeing corporate mergers?

Look for examples in the candidate's past that show a creative approach to problem-solving and expert knowledge of the finer points in corporate mergers.

4. What is the best advice you've given to a client who wanted to sign a contract?

This gives candidates a chance to display their commercial legal skills by delving into the details of contract law.

5. Tell us about an experience where you had to challenge a client. How did you convince them to trust you?

This gives the candidate an opportunity to demonstrate their effective communication and interpersonal skills. Candidates should describe how they successfully argued their position in manner that expressed confidence and trust.

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