Clinical Trial Manager Interview Questions

Clinical Trial Manager

May 16th, 2019

A Clinical Trial Manager collaborates with a Clinical Project Manager to plan and implement clinical trials. The Clinical Trial Manager is responsible for executing and coordinating the project. Ideal candidates are organized, deadline-driven and pro-active. Avoid careless, lethargic candidates.

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Clinical Trial Manager Interview Questions

1. Could you run me through the process you would employ to select and secure investigational sites for our projects?

The candidate's answer will give you an indication of their experience in securing investigational sites.

2. Could you give me examples from past experience where you met and exceeded your clients’ expectations?

A Clinical Trial Manager is the clients’ representative in a specific project. It is essential for the potential hire to show the ability to meet a client's needs.

3. Are you confident to meet deadlines while driving a dynamic project, and why would you say so?

It is of paramount importance for a Clinical Trial Manager to meet deadlines, and the potential hire needs to convince you they are capable of delivering.

4. How would you ensure all interested parties are on the same page during each step of the project?

The candidate's answer will demonstrate whether they have the ability to play a cohesive role in projects.

5. How do you prevent your CRAs from being overloaded?

The potential hire's answer will display their ability to be a balancing force in a project.

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